Newest Women Scholars on Sefaria
June 16, 2021
Moving into the digital age of Torah, we believe Sefaria has a unique role to play. It's our goal to not only make Jewish texts accessible to women — and others historically excluded — but to elevate the voices of women in Torah.
Here are the newest works from modern women scholars in our library!
Rereading the Rabbis: A Woman’s Voice by Dr. Judith Hauptman
This modern commentary looks at the Talmud through a feminist lens, demonstrating that the rabbis made significant changes in key areas of Jewish law in order to benefit women. Hauptman reads sources in their own literary and legal context and then considers them in relation to a rich array of associated materials. Read on Sefaria.
Dr. Judith Hauptman is a Talmud scholar and professor at The Jewish Theological Seminary. Her work and research focuses on the history of the Talmud and how it came into being, as well as women’s roles in Judaic thought, bringing evaluation of the rabbinic period into conversation with contemporary issues. Hauptman is also the founder of Ohel Ayala, an outreach project for young Jews on the margins, named in memory of her mother.
Moses: A Human Life by Dr. Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg
This book, part of the prize-winning Jewish Lives series, is a vivid and original portrait of the biblical Moses. Drawing on a variety of sources, both Jewish and psychoanalytical, Dr. Zornberg explores this important figure’s history, personality, relationships, and more. Read on Sefaria or buy a physical copy.
Did you hear Dr. Zornberg's beautiful discussion of Moses: A Human Life? Here's the recording in case you missed the live event!

Jewish Women's Writing Fellowship
This month, we're concluding our inaugural Jewish Women's Writing Fellowship in partnership with Maharat. Read more about the 14 fellows and their work. Kol hakavod to each of these incredible scholars!

Stay Tuned: 3 Books from Dr. Erica Brown
We're thrilled to be in the process of adding three books from Dr. Erica Brown to the Sefaria Library. Stay tuned for updates in the coming months!

We hope you enjoy these new additions. Stay tuned for more Sefaria updates about women's Torah!

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