Menu of Workshops for Educators 2020-2021

Please note that all workshops can be customized to address specific needs or pedagogic goals, and can be structured around specific texts or curricula as needed.

  • Tech and Torah: Digital Integration in the Jewish Studies Classroom

This workshop provides an introduction to Sefaria’s tools and demonstrates some of the pedagogies and approaches that educators might use to advance skills and meaningfully convey content in the classroom.

  • Lilmod Ulelamed: Learners and Teachers on Sefaria

This workshop focuses on opportunities for student engagement and empowerment in learning Jewish texts. How might we model authentic learning practices for our students? Discover strategies for using Sefaria’s virtual bookcase to transform your learning space into a Beit Midrash.

  • Online Models for Community Engagement

How might we use Sefaria to promote our school/synagogue with our communities? How might other stakeholders participate in school/synagogue initiatives using digital technology? This workshop explores the possibilities for broadening engagement and increasing participation using Sefaria’s digital tools.

  • Differentiation in the Jewish studies Classroom

How might Sefaria support teachers and students in a heterogeneous Jewish studies learning environment? Educators often struggle to create individualized pathways for learning in a diverse educational setting. Explore Sefaria’s tools and discover some of the models educators have used when employing these technologies to level the playing field.

  • Sparking Student Creativity on Sefaria

Sefaria’s platform transforms Jewish content into accessible building blocks that students - middle school and older - can use to create and innovate. Explore different ways to spark student creativity and help students take ownership over their learning by enabling them to create their own materials or add content to shared work on Sefaria.

  • Sefaria’s Stacks: A Guided Tour of the Virtual Beit Midrash

Sefaria allows even less experienced learners to access a broad range of Jewish sources, from Talmud to Bible commentaries, from Hasidic texts to legal works. Discover how to navigate this extensive library, find the resources you need, and empower colleagues or students to join you.

  • Student-centered workshops

This fully customizable workshop offers a deep dive into any topic that is on the curriculum, and demonstrates how Sefaria might help educators discover and create resources and support student learning around the topic.

  • Parents Are Learning, Too

How might we ensure that parents are able to meaningfully engage with their children as learners of Jewish materials? This workshop provides strategies and tools to draw parents into the conversation and empower them to learn and grow in conversation with their children.

  • Coming of Age in the Digital Age

With so many tools at our fingertips, b’nai mitzvah students have a huge range of options for studying their Torah portion and crafting a d’var Torah or other innovative materials. This workshop allows educators, rabbis, parents, or pre-teens to explore the materials and tools available on Sefaria and experiment with techniques for their preparation process.