What is a "maskil"? Are some things beyond our understanding? - Psalms 74 explains

What does the Book of Psalms say about troubles beyond our understanding?

Psalm 74:

A maskil by Asaph.

Why, O God have you abandoned us forever,

Does Your wrath fume

against the sheep of Your pasture?

"Lama, Elokim, zanachta laneitsach?"

A maskil is a psalm with a message so delicate that King David asks a special wise person to recite and interpret the words so that people may understand it better, according to Rashi. The word "maskil" shares the same 3-letter root as "sechel" or wisdom and understanding.

A maskil is a musical instrument with a special capacity to enlighten the mind and inspire the heart, according to Meiri.”

Asking God the heartfelt question: ‘Why have You abandoned us?’ requires a special wisdom and understanding.

As Asaph laments:

Remember Your congregation

which You acquired long ago,

the tribe of Your inheritance

whom You redeemed

and brought to Mount Zion,

where You rested Your Presence.”

Asaph concludes with a plea for God to remember what has happened to His people, to forget not the voice of oppression.

Why does the psalmist implore God to remember? Surely, the Creator of the World could not be short of memory. God knows all that has happened and all that is in our heart. He remembers our struggles and our agonies. He knows the beautiful dawn that will follow the darkness of night.”

Thus, this maskil for Asaf the Seer expresses a clear acknowledgment: While a brighter future awaits and we understand that God has not forgotten us. Psalm 74 reminds us that sometimes God sends a wise instrument of understanding to help us when there are troubles beyond our comprehension. Other times, we may be the maskil who offers help to another person who needs an extra lift to survive.” Psalm 74 conveys that there are times when we need one other to help us through the great challenges of our life.”

(excerpt from "Software for the Soul: Psalms for Everyone - discovering the inner meanings" - click Here for the link)

(א) מַשְׂכִּ֗יל לְאָ֫סָ֥ף לָמָ֣ה אֱ֭לֹהִים זָנַ֣חְתָּ לָנֶ֑צַח יֶעְשַׁ֥ן אַ֝פְּךָ֗ בְּצֹ֣אן מַרְעִיתֶֽךָ׃ (ב) זְכֹ֤ר עֲדָתְךָ֨ ׀ קָ֘נִ֤יתָ קֶּ֗דֶם גָּ֭אַלְתָּ שֵׁ֣בֶט נַחֲלָתֶ֑ךָ הַר־צִ֝יּ֗וֹן זֶ֤ה ׀ שָׁכַ֬נְתָּ בּֽוֹ׃

(1) A maskil of Asaph. Why, O God, do You forever reject us, do You fume in anger at the flock that You tend? (2) Remember the community You made Yours long ago, Your very own tribe that You redeemed, Mount Zion, where You dwell.