What Does God Say about Protection? What does it mean to be a rock and a fortress? Psalm 31:4
(ד) כִּֽי־סַלְעִ֣י וּמְצוּדָתִ֣י אָ֑תָּה וּלְמַ֥עַן שִׁ֝מְךָ֗ תַּֽנְחֵ֥נִי וּֽתְנַהֲלֵֽנִי׃

(4) For You are my rock and my fortress; You lead me and guide me as befits Your name.

What does the Book of Psalms say about protection?

Psalm 31:4

"For You are my rock and my fortress;"

“What does it mean to be a rock and a fortress?

A rock does not change with the passing breeze like the wind or the water. It has been with us through the ages. Yet stones placed together form a fortress. There is protection. There is more strength than each has alone.

If we apply this to our lives, being placed together doesn't mean we must be exactly the same as our neighbor and worship in exactly the same way - for rocks are each unique, but it is important not to struggle against each other, we are asked to hold each other up and respect each other's strengths and weaknesses.

When we have faith in the unchanging loving kindness of the One who created and sustains the world and when we support and hold each other up, we come to experience that God is indeed our rock and our fortress, timeless through the ages, shielding us from the dangers of uncertain times.

(excerpt from the book: "Software for the Soul: Psalms for Everyone - discovering the inner meanings." Click Here for the link)