What Does God Say of Prayer? Are the Gates of Tzedek Open for Me? Psalm 118:19
(יט) פִּתְחוּ־לִ֥י שַׁעֲרֵי־צֶ֑דֶק אָֽבֹא־בָ֝ם אוֹדֶ֥ה יָֽהּ׃
(19) Open the gates of victory for me that I may enter them and praise the LORD.

What does the Book of Psalms say about prayer?

"Open for me the Gates of Righteousness!

I will enter them and praise God"

Pitchu li sha’arey tzedek…”

“’Pitchu Li’ ‘Open for me’ is not a command but a statement of fact, she said. The Gates are open for me that I may walk through them. They are not fences, walls or bars. They are gates. Unlocked, ready, welcoming and now it is up to me to walk through them.

How do I walk through them? I open the gates by giving thanks to the Creator of the World. Even when things are not going the way I would like. Even when it seems the world's forces are waged against me. The Psalmist reveals that ‘the gates of tsedek, of righteousness, are open to me.’ ‘I will enter and thank God’ - for the blessings that I wished for and for those I would rather have avoided at the time. All are part of God's beautiful and complex symphony of life.”

(excerpt from the book: "Software for the Soul: Psalms for Everyone - discovering the inner meanings" by Tara Mizrachi)