Collaborating With Others
I would like my friends, colleagues, or students to contribute to my sheet. How do I do that?
The key to collaborating on a sheet is to choose the appropriate privacy settings.
By choosing your privacy settings, you can enable various types of collaboration on a source sheet.
Explanation of privacy settings:
Listed on Sefaria
  • If you choose "No", the sheet is private to you. You may share the URL with anyone but the sheet will not be searchable.
  • If you choose "Yes", the sheet is publicly available to Sefaria users.
Anyone with access can:
  • View - The sheet can be read by those who have access.
  • Add - Registered Sefaria users who are logged in can add to the sheet. The name of the person who added to the sheet will be written along with the addition.
  • Edit - Registered Sefaria users who are logged in can edit the sheet. Edits are not attributed to the person who made the edit.

How do I set or change my privacy settings?
After you have saved your source sheet once...
you can set the privacy settings by clicking “share” (1), choosing the setting, and clicking “save” (2).

What if I change my mind about the settings?
No problem. You can always click on "Share" and change the settings.