Exodus 23:5
כִּי תִרְאֶה חֲמוֹר שֹׂנַאֲךָ רֹבֵץ תַּחַת מַשָּׂאוֹ וְחָדַלְתָּ מֵעֲזֹב לוֹ עָזֹב תַּעֲזֹב עִמּוֹ:
When you see the donkey of your enemy lying under its burden and would refrain from raising it, you must nevertheless raise it with your enemy. [Edited for gender neutrality] [JPS translation]

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. Why would your initial reaction be to refrain from helping your enemy's donkey?

2. Why are we commanded to fight that reaction and help?

3. Why does the text emphasize that you must help raise the donkey specifically with your enemy (as opposed to doing it alone)?

Time Period: Biblical (early ancestors to 165 BCE)