Itturei Torah, Deuteronomy 25:17
עטורי תורה, דברים כה:יז

עמלק לא היה יכול לנצח אלא את זה שהיה בפני עצמו, פרוש מן הכלל, שהענן היה פולטו, והוא נפל ביד עמלק. אבל הללו שהיו ביחד, מחוברים לכלל ישראל, היה הענן מגן עליהם ולא נפלו ביד עמלק. סימן הוא לדורות: כל זמן שישראל באחדות אין עמלק שולט בהם.

If the community of Israel had not forgotten these stragglers, but rather, had brought them close under the wings of God's presence in order to return them underneath the clouds of glory so that they would be together with the whole house of Israel, then Amalek would not have overcome them. But because these stragglers were left behind, Amalek was successful. This is a sign for generations: When the entire community is supported and together, then Amalek cannot gain control. [AJWS translation]


Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. What was Amalek's crime? Why were they successful?

2. Who is to blame when a society allows its weak members to be preyed upon?

3. What is the true weakness of such a society?

Time Period: Contemporary (The Yom Kippur War until the present-day)