Midrash Sechel Tov Genesis ch. 33
שכל טוב (בובר) בראשית פרק לג
ויותר יעקב לבדו. א"ר אליעזר שנשתייר על פכים קטנים, מכאן לצדיקים שממונן חביב עליהן יותר מגופן, לפי שאין פושטין ידיהן בגזל:
"And Jacob was left alone" [Gen. 32:25]. Rabbi Eliezer said, "He stayed [to collect] his small jugs." From here [we learn] that the righteous' concern for their property is greater than than for their bodies, because they do not use their hands to steal. [translation by Mechon Hadar]

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. In the tense moments leading up to Jacob's confrontation with his estranged brother Esau, why does Rabbi Eliezer imagine Jacob concerning himself with his smallest possessions?

2. What do you think of the idea that someone is more concerned with their property than with their own safety?

3. How do you think this midrash fits into the larger scene of Jacob's family, wealth, and effort to create a multi-generational legacy?

Time Period: Rabbinic (Maccabees through the Talmud)