Noam Elimelech - Parshat Ki Tisa
1 א
נועם אלימלך פרשת כי תשא
דאש שורף ואש מחמם דהיינו אם ח"ו מתנהג בכספו שלא כהוגן אז שורפתו ואם מתנהג כשורה בצדקה בלב שלם וגמלות חסדים אזי המצוה הזאת מגעת עד כסא הכבוד
Fire has the ability to burn as well as to warm. If a person uses his money in inappropriate ways then it “burns” him but if he uses it wisely ie: to give tzedaka wholeheartedly and performs deeds of kindness, then this mitzvah reaches until the throne of glory… [translation by Gideon Aronovich]
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Suggested Discussion Questions:

What other activities can "burn" us if done in excess, but "warm" us if done in moderation?

How might this relate to a discussion of sustainable energy use?

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Time Period: Modern (Spinoza through post-WWII)