Zera Levatala
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Zera Levatala (or, "wasting seed") (also commonly referred to as "masturbation") is a horrible sin. One of the worst sins in all of Judaism. This sheet is an extremely important azhara (warning) for Am Yisrael, not to fall into this lousy sin, and to stay kadosh (holy). Unfortunately, not enough Jews out there are willing to speak about it publicly, and spread the truth of the subject. However, baruch HaShem, there are a few (about 5 or 6) English-speaking rabbis that have publicly spoken on this topic and continue to do so today. This Sefaria post is just to inform as much Jews and non-Jews as possible, about these different sources to look into (i.e Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi, Rabbi Yaron Reuven, Rabbi Yehoshua Zitron, Rabbi Alon Anava, Rabbi Zamir Cohen, all biblical and Torah sources mentioned on this post, etc.), and really to go out and educate yourself. Because there is no end to the importance of being kadosh (holy), of understanding the importance and paramountcy of this.

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My comment: The sin of wasting seed is horrendous both physically and spiritually. There is very little excuse for committing it consciously, and even unconsciously (during sleep) you can still be somewhat responsible if you weren't careful about guarding your eyes and controlling your thoughts that day. Physically, Zera Levatala can cause very substantial damage to your body if it is committed constantly, it can even lead to death (Chas Veshalom). Wasting seed also makes you lose a lot of children that you could've given birth to if you didn't purposely let semen come out of your body and make it land in the wrong place. Spiritually, Zera Levatala is an extremely huge and grave sin. It is totally unfathomable how bad the punishment in Heaven is from this sin. It can cause those potential children that got wasted to turn into demons and attack you for what you did to them by not giving them a Guf (body). It creates an overwhelming amount of demons in this world that work to do whatever they can to make your life more difficult. Also, this sin can cause you to end up having physical suffering in your life if Teshuva (repentance) is not performed. Baruch Hashem, it is indeed possible to do a full Teshuva for such a grave sin and situation.

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