Rashi on Zephaniah
1 א

אסוף אסף. לשון כליון כמו (שופטים יח) ואספת את נפשך דמיכה ואל"ף חסרה בתיבה שנייה שהרי היה לו לכתוב אאסוף אבל יש כאלה הרבה כמו לא יהל שם ערבי (ישעיה יג) שהוא כמו לא יאהל:

I will utterly consume- [This is] language of destruction, like "And your soul shall be gathered up (Judges 18)." Also, there is an alef missing in the second word, since it would seem that he should write it with another alef, but there are many cases like this, such as "An arabian will not pitch his tent [missing an alef] there (Isaiah 13)," which is like the phrase 'will not pitch his tent [with an alef]'.