Rashi on Shevuot 45a:17רש"י על שבועות מ״ה א:י״ז
The William Davidson Talmudתלמוד מהדורת ויליאם דוידסון
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45a:17מ״ה א:י״ז

וליתיב ליה בעדים - יתקנו חכמים שלא יתן אדם שכר לפועל אלא בעדים ולא יבא לידי שבועה:

וליתיב ליה מעיקרא - ליתקון רבנן שיתן אדם לפועליו שכרן שחרית עד שלא יתחילו במלאכה ואם תבע לערב לא יטול כלום ולא תהא שם שבועה:

שניהם רוצים בהקפה - בעה"ב פעמים שאין מצויות לו מעות שחרית ופועל שלא יוציא המעות עד הלילה לפרנסתו:

[The Gemara suggested that in order to prevent the necessity for either the homeowner or the worker of having to make a Promise, the homeowner should just pay all his workers before they start working so there would be no question of whether he paid anyone or not. To that the Gemara said that both the homeowner and the worker want "Hakafa" (i.e. they both want the set-up to be that the worker will get paid that night after the end of the workday). Rashi is coming to explain why each one wants such a set-up] The homeowner sometimes doesn't have money available in the morning (to pay the worker...and therefore would rather wait until night time to pay him) and the worker (doesn't want to be paid in the morning) in order that he shouldn't spend (and waist the money during the day...and would rather save it) until the nighttime so he could use it for his livelihood (important things)