Rashi on Shabbat 68a:8רש"י על שבת ס״ח א:ח׳
The William Davidson Talmudתלמוד מהדורת ויליאם דוידסון
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68a:8ס״ח א:ח׳

מתניתין - דפטר בחד חטאת:

They teach in the Mishna: to exempt with only one sin offering. An infant who was captured: and who never knew anything about Shabbat. But one who was familiar [with Shabbat] and ended up forgetting: he is like one who forgets that the day is Shabbat while knowing the essence of Shabbat, and is obligated for each and every Shabbat. That it was forcibly forgotten from him: he never knew.

בתינוק שנשבה - ולא ידע שבת מעולם:

Let it teach "one who was familiar and ended up forgetting:" that he is obligated even though one can't declare that during the days in between [one Shabbat and the next] he had awareness to divide [one violation from the next]; and how much more so would one who does have awareness to divide [between one Shabbat and the next] [be obligated for each and every Shabbat he violated].

אבל הכיר ולבסוף שכח - הוה ליה כשוכח שהיום שבת ויודע עיקר שבת וחייב על כל שבת ושבת:

שהיתה שכוחה ממנו - מעולם: