Rashi on Sanhedrin 24b:17רש"י על סנהדרין כ״ד ב:י״ז
The William Davidson Talmudתלמוד מהדורת ויליאם דוידסון
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24b:17כ״ד ב:י״ז

שאין לו אומנות אלא הוא - דהואיל ואין עסוקין ביישובו של עולם אינן בקיאין בטיב דינין ומשא ומתן ואינן יראי חטא:

when they have no trade but this -- people whose sole occupation is gambling are not involved in doing anything socially useful. As a result, they are unacquainted with basic business law and commerce, and have no aversion to illegal activity. However, one who engages also in some other form of occupation is not flawed in this way and remains eligible.