Pesachim 106bפסחים ק״ו ב
The William Davidson Talmudתלמוד מהדורת ויליאם דוידסון
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106bק״ו ב

הנוטל ידיו לא יקדש אמר להו רב יצחק בר שמואל בר מרתא אכתי לא נח נפשיה דרב שכחנינהו לשמעתתיה זמנין סגיאין הוה קאימנא קמיה דרב זימנין דחביבא עליה ריפתא מקדש אריפתא זימנין דחביבא ליה חמרא מקדש אחמרא

One who washes his hands should not recite kiddush after washing, as this would constitute an interruption between washing and eating, and he will have to wash again. Instead, he should hear kiddush from someone else. Rav Yitzḥak bar Shmuel bar Marta said to them: Not a lot of time has yet passed since Rav died, and we have already forgotten his halakhic rulings. Many times I stood before Rav and saw that sometimes he preferred bread, and he would recite kiddush over bread. On those occasions Rav would wash his hands, recite kiddush over the bread, and eat it. At other times he preferred wine and would recite kiddush over wine. This shows that kiddush is not considered an interruption between washing one’s hands and eating bread.

אמר רב הונא אמר רב טעם אינו מקדש בעא מיניה רב חנא בר חיננא מרב הונא טעם מהו שיבדיל אמר ליה אני אומר טעם מבדיל ורב אסי אמר טעם אינו מבדיל

Rav Huna said that Rav said: One who has tasted any food on Shabbat night may not recite kiddush anymore that night, as one must recite kiddush before he eats. Instead, he recites kiddush during the day before the meal. Rav Ḥana bar Ḥinnana raised a dilemma before Rav Huna: If one tasted food at the conclusion of Shabbat before reciting havdala, what is the halakha with regard to whether he may recite havdala? He said to him: I say that one who has tasted food may still recite havdala. And Rav Asi said: One who has tasted food may not recite havdala.

רב ירמיה בר אבא איקלע לבי רב אסי אישתלי וטעים מידי הבו ליה כסא ואבדיל אמרה ליה דביתהו והא מר לא עביד הכי אמר לה שבקיה כרביה סבירא ליה

The Gemara relates that Rav Yirmeya bar Abba happened to come to the house of Rav Asi. He forgot and tasted some food after Shabbat before havdala. They gave him a cup and he recited havdala. Later, Rav Asi’s wife said to her husband: But my Master does not act this way. In your opinion, one who eats before havdala does not recite havdala. He said to her: Leave Rav Yirmeya bar Abba. He maintains in accordance with the opinion of his rabbi. Rav Yirmeya bar Abba was a student of Rav, who ruled that even one who has eaten may recite havdala.

אמר רב יוסף אמר שמואל טעם אינו מקדש טעם אינו מבדיל ורבה אמר רב נחמן אמר שמואל טעם מקדש וטעם מבדיל

Rav Yosef said that Shmuel said: One who has tasted food before kiddush may not recite kiddush, and one who has tasted food before havdala may not recite havdala. And Rabba said that Rav Naḥman said that Shmuel said: One who has tasted may nevertheless recite kiddush, and one who has tasted may likewise recite havdala.