Duties of the Heart (abridged)
Chapter 1א׳
1 א

Table of Contents.

2 ב

Wisdom, the Highest Good

3 ג

Seek no Reward but Wisdom's Self

4 ד

The Gates of Knowledge

5 ה

The Ethics of the Body and the Ethics of the Soul

6 ו

Examples of Duties of the Heart

7 ז

The Duties of the Heart are more Important than any others

8 ח

The Dual Duty of the Dual Man

9 ט

All Conduct is Conditioned by the Heart

10 י

The Duties of the Heart are for every Time and Place

11 יא

Endless Virtues Spring from those of the Heart

12 יב

The Duty of Using Reason: and of Taking No Dogma On Trust

13 יג

Faith without Knowledge

14 יד

Belief in the Existence of One Creator as the Basis of Ethics

15 טו

The Only True Unity

16 טז

The Examination of Creation Shows the Goodness of the Creator

17 יז

Free Will and Providence

18 יח

Gratitude to God and Man

19 יט

Gratitude is due for Good Intentions

20 כ

The Motives of Human Benevolence

21 כא

Man's Obligation of Gratitude to God

22 כב

The Motive Forces that Impel Man to Grateful Service

23 כג

The Whole of Human Conduct Belongs to the Domain of Ethics

24 כד

The Danger of Pride and Self-Righteousness

25 כה

The Danger of Pride

26 כו

Humility, True and False

27 כז

The Signs and Consequences of True Humility

28 כח

Humility and Egotism

29 כט

Aids to the Cultivation of Humility

30 ל

The Charity of the Meek

31 לא

Consistent Humility and Sincerity

32 לב

Where Humility is Sin

33 לג

The Hall Marks of the Meek

34 לד

The Pride Consistent with Humility

35 לה

Humility as a Worldly Advantage—Contentment

36 לו

The Proper Study of Mankind is Man

37 לז

Of Trust in God

38 לח

Keeping Account with the Soul

39 לט

Contemplation Leading to Communion with God

40 מ

The Gate of Love

41 מא

The Right Study of Nature Leads to Nature's God

42 מב

What is Repentance?

43 מג

The Motives to Repentance

44 מד

On the Possibility of Repentance

45 מה

Habits of those that love God