Chullin 47aחולין מ״ז א
The William Davidson Talmudתלמוד מהדורת ויליאם דוידסון
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47aמ״ז א

ואמר רבא הני תרתי בועי דסמיכי להדדי לית להו בדיקותא חדא ומתחזיא כתרתי מייתינן סילוא ובזעינן לה אי שפכן להדדי חדא היא וכשרה ואי לא תרתי נינהו וטרפה

And Rava says: These two cysts that are adjacent to one another on the lung have no need for inspection. The animal is definitely a tereifa, since it is presumed that the cysts formed around a perforation in the lung. But if there is only one cyst that looks like two, due to a depression in the middle, we bring a thorn and pierce it to remove the fluid inside. If the fluids from either side empty into one another, this indicates that it is one cyst, and the animal is kosher. And if not, they are two separate cysts, and the animal is a tereifa.

ואמר רבא ה' אוני אית לה לריאה אפה כלפי גברא תלתא מימינא ותרתי משמאלא חסיר או יתיר או חליף טרפה

§ And Rava says: The lung has five lobes [unnei]. When the animal hangs by its legs with its face toward the person checking it, he sees three lobes on his right and two on his left. If the animal is missing a lobe or has an extra lobe, or if the lobes were switched, with two on the right and three on the left, the animal is a tereifa.

ההוא יתירתא דאתאי לקמיה דמרימר הוה יתיב רב אחא אבבא א"ל מאי אמר לך א"ל אכשרה ניהלה א"ל הדר עיילה קמיה א"ל זיל אימא ליה למאן דיתיב אבבא לית הלכתא כוותיה דרבא ביתרת

The Gemara relates that a certain lung that had an extra lobe was brought before Mareimar. Rav Aḥa was sitting at the door of Mareimar’s house. When the animal’s owner was leaving, Rav Aḥa said to him: What did Mareimar say to you? The man said to him: Mareimar deemed it kosher. Rav Aḥa was surprised by this, because it contradicts Rava’s statement, so he said to him: Turn around and bring the animal before him. The owner did so. Mareimar realized why he was being asked twice, and said to him: Go tell whomever is sitting at the door: The halakha is not in accordance with the opinion of Rava in the case of an animal that has an extra lobe.

והני מילי דקיימא בדרא דאוני אבל ביני ביני טרפה

The Gemara adds: And this statement applies only when the extra lobe stands in line with the other lobes, on the left or right. But if it is in between the two sides, the animal is a tereifa.

ההוא ביני ביני דאתא לקמיה דרב אשי סבר רב אשי למיטרפה א"ל רב הונא מר בר אויא כל הני חיוי ברייתא הכי אית להו וקרו לה טבחי עינוניתא דוורדא והני מילי מגואי

The Gemara relates that a certain animal with an extra lobe in between the two sides was brought before Rav Ashi. Rav Ashi thought to deem it a tereifa. Rav Huna Mar bar Avya said to him: All those animals that graze outside in the fields have extra lobes like this, and butchers call it the little rose lobe. The Gemara adds: And this statement applies only when the extra lobe is on the inside face of the lung, facing the heart.