Avodah Zarah 59bעבודה זרה נ״ט ב
The William Davidson Talmudתלמוד מהדורת ויליאם דוידסון
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59bנ״ט ב

ובדודורין אע"פ שהיין מזלף עליהן מותר א"ל הביא קאמרת אנא לכתחלה קאמינא

and in small barrels, even though the grapes are squashed in the process and the wine, i.e., the juice, sprays onto the grapes, nevertheless they are permitted. Rav Kahana said to Rav Yeimar: Are you saying that this is the halakha where the gentile already brought the grapes? The baraita is discussing whether the grapes are prohibited after the fact, whereas I am saying that one should not permit a gentile to bring the grapes ab initio.

ההוא אתרוגא דנפל לחביתא דחמרא אידרי עובד כוכבים ושקליה אמר להו רב אשי נקטוה לידיה כי היכי דלא לשכשיך ביה וברצוה עד דשייפא

The Gemara relates: There was a certain etrog that fell into a barrel of wine. A gentile jumped up to take it out of the barrel, thereby unintentionally touching the wine. Rav Ashi said to the people standing there: Hold his hand still, so that he does not stir the wine and render it prohibited, and tip the barrel until the wine is drained into another vessel, and then he may take the etrog.

אמר רב אשי האי עובד כוכבים דנסכיה לחמרא דישראל בכוונה אע"ג דלזבוניה לעובד כוכבים אחרינא אסור שרי ליה למישקל דמיה מההוא עובד כוכבים מאי טעמא מיקלא קלייה

§ Rav Ashi says: In the case of this gentile who intentionally poured a Jew’s wine as a libation in order to render it prohibited, even though it is prohibited to sell it to another gentile, as one may not derive benefit from it, nevertheless, it is permitted for him to collect its monetary value from that gentile. What is the reason for this? It is considered as though the gentile burned the wine and destroyed it, and he is required to pay for the damage.

אמר רב אשי מנא אמינא לה דתניא עובד כוכבים שנסך יינו של ישראל שלא בפני עבודת כוכבים אסור ורבי יהודה בן בבא ורבי יהודה בן בתירא מתירין משום שני דברים אחד שאין מנסכין יין אלא בפני עבודת כוכבים ואחד שאומר לו לא כל הימנך שתאסור ייני לאונסי

Rav Ashi says: From where do I say that this is the halakha? This halakha is derived as it is taught in a baraita: In the case of a gentile who poured a Jew’s wine as an idolatrous libation but not before an object of idol worship, the wine is prohibited, but Rabbi Yehuda ben Bava and Rabbi Yehuda ben Beteira deem it permitted due to two factors: One is that idol worshippers pour wine as an idolatrous libation only before an object of idol worship. And the other one is that the Jew says to the gentile: It is not in your power to render my wine prohibited against my will. Rav Ashi rules in accordance with the opinion of the first tanna. Nevertheless, he derives from the reasoning of Rabbi Yehuda ben Bava and Rabbi Yehuda ben Beteira that one may collect compensation from the gentile, whose actions were against the will of the owner.

ההיא חביתא דחמרא דאישתקיל לברזא אתא עובד כוכבים אידרי אנח ידיה עילויה אמר רב פפא כל דלהדי ברזא חמרא אסיר

§ There was a certain barrel of wine from which the stopper had been removed and the wine was spilling out. A gentile came, jumped up, and placed his hand on the hole to prevent the wine from leaking. Rav Pappa said: Any wine that is adjacent to the stopper is prohibited, as it was touched by the gentile,