Psalms Of Jewish Litergy – Psalms Of Hallel

By Rabbi Gail Diamond

In this eight week course we will study the Psalms of Hallel and sources from the Mishna, Talmud and Halachic Codes to learn about the practice of reciting Hallel.

Introduction To Psalms of Hallel

Introduction To Study Process

Psalms in Jewish Liturgy

(Ashkenazic (European) tradition)

Daily Shahrit (Morning Service)

Shir Shel Yom (Psalm of the Day) (Mishnah Tamid 7:4)

Psalm 24

Psalm 48

Psalm 82

Psalm 94

Psalm 81

Psalm 93

Psalm 92

Psalm 30 – Mizmor Shir Hanukat HaBayit LeDavid (also for Hanukah)

Pesukei DeZimra (Passages of Song)

Psalm 100 (not on Shabbat)

“Hallel shebechol Yom” “Everyday Praise” (Shabbat 118b):

Psalm 145 – Ashrei

Psalm 146

Psalm 147

Psalm 148

Psalm 149

Psalm 150

Tachanun – Psalm 6 (not on Shabbat)

Psalm 20 (not on Shabbat)

Kabbalat Shabbat (Eve of the Sabbath)

Psalm 95

Psalm 96

Psalm 97

Psalm 98

Psalm 99

Psalm 29

(Lecha Dodi)

Psalm 92

Psalm 93

Shabbat Shahrit (Morning of the Sabbath)

Pesukei DeZimra (Passages of Song)

Psalm 19

Psalm 34

Psalm 90

Psalm 91

Psalm 135

Psalm 136 (“the Great Hallel”)

Psalm 33

Psalm 92
Psalm 93

Plus “Hallel shebechol Yom”

Shabbat afternoon customs (winter)

Psalm 104 (Psalm for Rosh Hodesh)

Shirei HaMaalot – Psalms 120-134


Hallel (“The Egyptian Hallel” – Pesachim 117) – Psalms 113-118

Yamim Noraim (High Holidays) and beyond

Psalm 27 – from the first of Elul until Hoshanah Rabbah

Psalm 130 – between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur