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Groups for Teachers and Students

Source Sheet by Rachel Buckman
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Created April 5, 2017 · 2696 Views · נוצר 5 April, 2017 · 2696 צפיות ·

  1. Create a group or join a group on Sefaria and share source sheets among members of the group.

    Groups can consist of teachers in the same school, students in a class, participants in an adult education class or any other group that you can think of. If you are interested in collaborating or sharing ideas with teachers in other institutions, set up a group and invite others to join!


    Here is an example of a group page.



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  3. To create a group:


    1. Select “Groups” from the account page.

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  5. 2. Click “Create a Group”.

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  7. 3. Fill out the form.

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  9. 4. To make the group public, select "List on Sefaria" on the bottom of the form.

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  11. 5. Invite people to the group. Click on "Members" and send invitations by entering email addresses. Use the email address connected to the Sefaria account.

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  13. To save a source sheet to the group:


    1. Click the “Share” button on the top right corner of the source sheet.

    2. Select the group that you would like to share the sheet with.
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  15. 3. You may also set additional privacy choices (add, edit) by using the drop-down menu.


    To view sheets that have been saved to your group:


    1. Select “Groups” from the account page.

    2. Click on the name of the group that you would like to view.

    3. Source sheets saved to that group will be listed.

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