Using Assignments in the Classroom

Did you know that you can assign source sheets to students?

An assigned source sheet can be used by students for

  • Homework
  • In-class assignments
  • Assessment

When a teacher assigns a source sheet to a class, a template is made for the teacher and a copy is created for each student. When the student completes the source sheet, the teacher receives notification on the template. Teachers can even respond to the student’s work on individual source sheets.

Click here to try out the assignment feature.

Read below for directions.

Assigning a Source Sheet

Any source sheet can be assigned to a class. Assigning a source sheet creates a template for the teacher and a copy for each student. A new link is created for the assigned source sheet which the teacher shares with the class. The student opens the link, receives an individual copy of the sheet, completes the sheet which then gets shared back to the teacher.
To assign a source sheet, follow the steps below:

1. Click on "Assignments" in the "File" menu, and click "Assign this Sheet"

2. Send the newly created URL to your students.

3. When the student clicks on the URL, Sefaria will generate a new copy of the sheet for the student to save, while leaving your copy as a template.

The following is from the student's perspective.

Receiving Completed Assignments from Students

Once a student completes the assigned sheet and saves it, the teacher receives notification. In the example below, a student called "Sefaria Education", completed the assignment.

Commenting on Student Work

1. Open the student's source sheet from the list of saved assignments.
2. Add a comment to the student's sheet.
3. The comment will appear on the student's sheet with the teacher's name.

Stopping the Collection of Assignments

A teacher stops the collection of assignments by clicking on the "Stop Collecting Assignments" button in the assignment box.

A teacher may begin assigning a source sheet again at any time.

Using Highlight and Assignments Together

1. Create and save a source sheet.

2. Select "Highlight Mode" from the "File" menu and create tags.

3. Assign the sheet ("Assignments" in "File" menu).

4. The student opens the assignment and saves the sheet by clicking "Save" in the top-right corner. The highlight tools only appear once the sheet has been saved.

5. Once the sheet has been saved, enter the highlight mode from the "File" menu.

​​​​​​​This is from the student's perspective.

Click here for more detailed directions for using "Highlighter".