Learning Tip #5: Choose a Translation
Every translation is a commentary. Translators' choices of words reflect their interpretations of the text. Sefaria offers multiple translations of many books in the library which gives you and your students the opportunity to choose your favorite or compare among one or more translations.
To change translations:
1. Click "Translations" in the resource panel.
2. Choose the translation that you would like to use.
Sefaria offers Torah translations in many languages, including French, German, and Yiddish!
Available English Torah translations include:
  • 1985 JPS
  • The Contemporary Torah JPS
  • The Five Books of Moses, by Everett Fox
  • The Koren Jerusalem Bible
  • The Rashi Chumash by Rabbi Shraga Silverstein
  • Metsudah Chumash
Other texts, such as parts of the Mishnah have more than one translation.
Besides choosing a translation, comparing translations on a particular verse or word can lead to interesting conversations about the text.
  • Why do you think the translator chose that particular word?
  • Which translation do you think best captures the meaning of the text?