Learning Tip #4: I'd Like to Learn More About ...
Did your student have a question about a Jewish holiday, ritual or concept? There is so much information that they can find in the Sefaria library and using topic searches makes it very easy to arrive at useful information quickly.
Suppose your students ask about Havdalah. Type "Havdalah" into the search bar and select the option in the dropdown menu that begins with a #.
You will arrive at the topic page which lists sources and sheets related to Havdalah.
Ask students questions such as:
  • What types of books talk about Havdalah?
  • What do they discuss?
  • What did you learn about Havdalah from scanning the texts?
  • Find a sheet that addresses your questions about Havdalah.
  • What interesting information/facts/ideas did you find along the way?
For additional instructions, see the Topics Tutorial.