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Introduction to Chavruta Roulette
Source Sheet by Sefaria Education
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Created May 27, 2021 · 78 Views נוצר 27 May, 2021 · 78 צפיות

  1. For our final session of the Day School Educator Convening, we had an interactive learning experience through Sefaria's Chavruta Roulette.
    Sefaria’s Chavruta Roulette feature randomly sorted teachers into a chavruta pair for a guided study of texts related to access to Jewish education — without ever leaving Sefaria's virtual library.
    The event has passed, but if you'd like to learn this sheet with another person or a group of people (randomly sorted into chavruta pairs), you are welcome to send them this link to click when you'd like to learn together:
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  3. Before using Chavruta Roulette, please be sure to read these important technical tips:
    • The experience will be best on your laptop/desktop computer and using the most up-to-date versions of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, rather than on mobile. You can download Chrome here and download Firefox here. It will not work on Internet Explorer.
    • Though Chavruta Roulette enables a learner to switch chavruta partners by clicking "New Person," we will not be using that feature for this event; try to stick with the first chavruta partner you are paired with.
    • Chavruta Roulette is a relatively new Sefaria feature and there may be some technical hiccups along the way; we'll do our best to make sure things run as smoothly as possible. Sefaria appreciates any feedback to help develop this feature and future community learning events. You can fill out the convening survey, which will include a piece about Chavruta Roulette here.
    • Follow Sefaria on Social Media for more learning, events, and educational resources:
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