Something New For Tu Bishvat
Introducing Collections! Sefaria's Groups feature has turned into Collections — so now you can add any public source sheet to your collections! You can add sheets to multiple collections, allowing you to organize your sheets as you like. Learn more at the Collections FAQ page, and start your collections with the sheets below.
Celebrate Tu Bishvat with your Community. Sefaria learners love Tu Bishvat and have created over 180 sheets available for you to use as inspiration:
Explore Contemporary Torah Articles on Sefaria. Want to read contemporary articles about the texts you're studying? Click on a passage, scroll to "Web Pages" in the resource panel, and discover articles from more than 45 external websites that cite the passage you are studying. This Tu Bishvat, read the classic text about trees, Deuteronomy 20:19, and check out "Tu Bishvat 101" from My Jewish Learning — or follow the development of the holiday as described by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz z"l in The Times of Israel.