Library Updates November 2020
We’re delighted to share our newest additions to the Sefaria library. Read some of the highlights below and start exploring.

Complete Talmudic Commentaries from the Rishonim
We now have complete Talmudic commentaries for many of the major Rishonim (leading rabbis and legal scholars who lived approximately during the 11th to 15th centuries):
  • Rabbeinu Chananel: North African rabbi who wrote the earliest comprehensive commentary on the Talmud. [EN]
  • Ramban: Leading Torah scholar of the middle ages who often critiqued earlier commentaries and incorporated kabbalistic teachings. [EN]
  • Rashba: The Ramban's most outstanding student and author of mainstay Talmudic novellae.
  • R. Gershom: Talmudist and halakhist who founded the first European yeshiva to rival the great academies of Babylonia.
  • Shita Mekubetzet: Collection containing many passages of Talmudic commentary that are not found anywhere else.
  • Tosafot Rid: Commentary from R' Yeshayah d'Trani displaying stark originality and a quest for truth.

Additional Commentaries
  • Bartenura: Invaluable commentary on Mishnah that includes summary of Talmudic discussions along with accepted opinions. [EN]
  • Maharshal: Author of Talmudic commentary "Chokhmat Shlomo" emphasizes establishing the correct text of the Talmud.
  • Maharam: Author of the Talmudic commentary "Meir Einei Chachamim."
  • Maharam Shif: Commentary by Rabbi Meir ben Jacob Ha-Kohen Schiff, known for his dislike of pilpul (intense textual analysis).
  • Maharsha: Polish rabbi and Talmudist whose Talmudic novellae are found in almost every edition of the Talmud.
  • Penei Yehoshua: Classic work of Talmudic novellae, widely studied to this day.
  • Petach Einayim: Chida's commentary on the Mishnah and Talmud.

R. Yehoshua Hartman’s Discussion on Maharal's Commentary
Rabbi Yehoshua Hartman is a disciple of Rav Yitzchak Hutner and a well-recognized scholar of the Maharal of Prague's works. We've now added R. Hartman's editions of Maharal's Derech Chaim, Ohr Chadash, Be'er HaGolah, and Ner Mitzvah. Also available: R. Hartman's footnotes and discussions of these works. Stay tuned for more additions soon.

Sefaria is very excited to present a collection of the works of Rabbi Professor Eliezer Berkovits. Rabbi Berkovits was one of the most notable Jewish scholars and philosophers of the 20th century, writing broadly on subjects of Jewish thought, contemporary Halakhah, and collective interest. Collaborating with Sefaria, his family enthusiastically released much of his work into the commons to make these seminal works available to you. You can now find twelve of his works on Sefaria, with more expected in the coming months. [EN]

Have you ever wondered about all the people quoted in the Mishnah and Talmud? This new addition is sure to satisfy your curiosity. Jewish Spiritual Heroes, by Gershon Bader, offers short biographies to go with all those names you keep seeing in your Daf Yomi studies – aka the Tannaim and Amoraim. [EN]
Explore The Jewish Spiritual Heroes

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