10 Great Ways to Use Sefaria

1. Sefaria Library- The Sefaria Library is an amazing resource boasting thousands of online texts, source sheets by everyone from scholars to dabblers, and the ability to see content created by groups or divided by topic. Whether you pull up the library on your projector in a physical classroom or share your screen during a Zoom or Google Meet session, the Sefaria Library is your portal to a world of ideas.

2. Slideshows + Sefaria- Use the Snipping Tool or Screenshot function to embed pertinent Jewish texts in your presentations. Then, share your slideshows with others- colleagues, students, teachers or the world! Click here to view an example.

3. Instructional Videos + Sefaria- Create instructional videos explaining a Jewish text or concept. Then, assign the video to students to view, embedding questions along the way to check for understanding. This can be accomplished with EdPuzzle or PlayPosit. Click here to view an example.

4. Student-Created Videos + Sefaria- Record yourself learning or teaching a Jewish concept or text. This can be accomplished with Screencastify or Loom. You- or your students- can then upload your video (from YouTube or Vimeo) to a Sefaria source sheet and add questions, sharing it out with peers or teachers. Click here to view an example.

5. Interactive Collages + Sefaria- Construct an image or collage about a Jewish concept or holiday. This can be accomplished with Genially or ThingLink. The images can link directly to pertinent texts on the Sefaria website. Click here to view an example.

6. Discussion Boards + Sefaria- Share out Sefaria links or source sheets to a discussion board such as Padlet. Students can then comment about the topics and ideas referenced. Click here to view an example.

7. Webquests/ Escape the Rooms + Sefaria- Design a webquest or Escape the Room around a Jewish topic, theme, concept or holiday. Link Sefaria texts as clues to assist students in completing the webquest or escaping the room. Click here to view an example.

8. Sefaria Assignments- Assign students a Sefaria source sheet (that you built yourself or copied from elsewhere on the site). They will have the capability to answer questions, and you will have the ability to see, monitor and grade their work. Click here to learn more about the Assignments function on Sefaria.

9. Google Docs + Sefaria- Use the Google Doc Sefaria Library Add-On to embed Sefaria texts directly into a Google Doc. You can then ask students to make copies of the Google Doc, read the texts and answer questions directly on the sheet. Click here to view an example.

10. Class Websites + Sefaria- Build a class website around a Jewish topic, Jewish holiday or Jewish text of interest. This can be accomplished with Google Sites, Wix or Weebly. Have students construct Sefaria source sheets and link them to the website. Click here to view the website for the Hillel Torah 8th Grade Chumash Gallery 2020. The Shema section includes links to student-created Sefaria source sheets.