Have You Heard My Favorite Chanukah Song - Creating a Sefaria Source Sheet
Sefaria source sheets are the perfect way to express yourself and to share your ideas with others.
Creating a sheet is basically just creating your own web page. It gives you a blank digital space, you can collect sources, make notes for yourself, or create multi-media resources to share with others.
1) To start a source sheet:
  • From your account page, click on “Create a Source Sheet”.
  • Click on the title to enter editing mode. Type the name of your new source sheet.
  • Click the blue save button in the top right corner. After the initial save, the source sheet will save automatically.
2) Now you're ready to start adding materials to your sheet!
You can add sources from the Sefaria library, sources from outside of the library, comments, and media such as YouTube videos, images or audio.
To add to your sheet, choose the type of material you would like to add and fill out the information. Don't forget to click "Add to Sheet" at the end.
For instructions for adding each of the types of material, click here.
3) Let's get started making a source sheet!
  • Pick a favorite Chanukah song.
  • Start a new source sheet, and give it a title (Don't worry, you can edit it later).
  • Add a YouTube version of the song to the source sheet using the "Media" box.
  • What connection can you think of between your song and a Jewish text? Find the text in Sefaria's library and add it to the sheet using the "Source" option.
  • Now, find another text - Jewish or secular - that connects to the song or to the other text that you added. Did someone have something interesting to say in a d'var Torah that you read on the web? Is there a poem that is related? Copy and paste the text using the "Text" option on the sheet.
  • What do you have to say about the song or the texts? Add your comments in the "Comment" box.
  • Continue adding sources, media, texts and comments until you are happy with your source sheet. This is also a good time to look back over the sheet and edit. Remember to make it interesting, eye-catching, and fun!
4) Copy and paste the URL of your new sheet in a comment box below.
Congratulations on creating your first Sefaria source sheet!
What do you think will be the title of your next source sheet?
Which part of your sheet is your favorite? Why?