Leviticus Rabbah 4:6
ויקרא רבה (וילנא) פרשת ויקרא פרשה ד: ו
תני רשב"י משל לבני אדם שהיו יושבין בספינה נטל אחד מהן מקדח והתחיל קודח תחתיו אמרו לו חבריו מה אתה יושב ועושה אמר להם מה אכפת לכם לא תחתי אני קודח אמרו לו שהמים עולין ומציפין עלינו את הספינה
A man in a boat began to drill a hole under his seat. His fellow passengers protested. "What concern is it of yours?" he responded. "I am making a hole under my seat, not yours." They replied: "That is so, but when the water comes in-it will sink the whole boat and we will all drown." [Translation by Hillel and Panim]

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. This text serves as an important example of areivut, or the concept that every Jew is responsible for all other Jews. How does it demonstrate this principle?

2. Have you had experiences in which you have felt bound up, or responsible, for other Jews?

3. Do you feel responsible for other communities or groups in the same way? Which other communities and why?

Time Period: Biblical (early ancestors to 165 BCE)