Mishnah, Pe'ah 2:6
מעשה שזרע ר' שמעון איש המצפה לפני רבן גמליאל ועלו ללשכת הגזית ושאלו אמר נחום הלבלר מקובל אני מרבי מיאשא שקבל מאבא שקבל מן הזוגות שקבלו מן הנביאים הלכה למשה מסיני בזורע את שדהו שני מיני חטין אם עשאן גורן אחת נותן פאה אחת שתי גרנות נותן שתי פאות:
Rabbi Shimon of Mizpah once sowed his field in the presence of Rabban Gamliel. They then went up to the chamber of hewn stones [in the temple, where the Sanhedrin met] and asked [whether a field sown with two types of wheat requires that two corners of the field be left for the poor, or only one.] Nachum, the scribe, said "I have [the answer] from Rabbi Miasha, who heard from his father, who heard from the pairs [of early sages], who heard from the prophets that it is the law going back to moses at Sinai regarding one who sows his field with two types of wheat: if he reaps the entire field at one time, then he leaves one corner; if he reaps at two times, then he must leave two corners." [translation by Rabbi Daniel S. Nevins]

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. What social justice themes emerge from this text?

2. How does this text challenge the way we think about property rights/ownership?

Time Period: Rabbinic (Maccabees through the Talmud)