Danny Siegel, And God Braided Eve's Hair. (United Synagogue of America: 1980), p. 114.
1 א
Even a poor man must give Tzedakah He knows what it is like: He knows the people, Where it is best to give, And how much. Better than we know. He is our Rebbe - We should follow him on his rounds.
2 ב

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. Siegel alludes to the poor being doctors on their rounds in giving. How can we change the inherent power dynamics between the poor and rich to better enact Siegel's vision of equal footing, or even greater respect for the poor?

2. Other than the explicit insight offered above, what else can we learn from following the poor in giving?

3. Do the poor have the same, less or more responsibility to give than everyone else?

3 ג
Time Period: Contemporary (The Yom Kippur War until the present-day)