Babylonian Talmud, Baba Batra 36a
1 א
תלמוד בבלי, מסכת בבא בתרא לו.
2 ב
הנהו עיזי דאכלו חושלא בנהרדעא אתא מרי חושלא תפסינהו והוה קא טעין טובא
Some goats [went into a field] in Nehardea [and] ate some peeled barley [which they found there]. The owner of the barley went and seized them, and made a heavy claim on the owner of the goats.
3 ג

Suggested Discussion Questions:

What can we learn from this about the relationship between animals and their owners?

4 ד
Time Period: Rabbinic (Maccabees through the Talmud)