Mekhilta Mishpatim 19
מכילתא משפטים י"ט
רבי מאיר אומר, המלוה ברבית ואומר לסופר, בא כתוב ולעדים חתמו, אין לו חלק במי שפקד על הרבית.
Rabbi Meir says, “Whoever lends with interest, and says to the scribe – come and right, and to the witness – sign, has no portion in he who commanded regarding interest.” [Translation by Rabbi Steve Greenberg]

Suggested Discussion Questions:

Why is lending with interest such a severe crime?

Are there other crimes that people commit today that are similar?

Is lending with interest today this bad?

Time Period: Rabbinic (Maccabees through the Talmud)