Rambam, Laws of Repentance 1:1
2 ב
וכן החובל בחבירו והמזיק ממונו אף על פי ששילם לו מה שהוא חייב לו אינו מתכפר עד שיתודה וישוב מלעשות כזה לעולם שנאמר מכל חטאות האדם.
Similarly, someone who injures another or damages his property, does not attain atonement, even though he pays him what he owes until he confesses and makes a commitment never to do such a thing again as it says, "of all the sins of humanity" (Numbers 5:6). [AJWS translation]
3 ג

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. What is the significance of the confession and commitment here?

2. What power dynamics are at play between the sinner and the person that was hurt?

4 ד
Time Period: Medieval (Geonim through the 16th Century)