Exodus Rabbah 1:26
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שמות רבה (וילנא) פרשת שמות פרשה א:כו
ותקרא שמו משה, מכאן אתה למד שכרן של גומלי חסדים, אף על פי שהרבה שמות היו לו למשה לא נקבע לו שם בכל התורה אלא כמו שקראתו בתיה בת פרעה ואף הקב"ה לא קראהו בשם אחר.
"And she called his name Moses" - From here you see the reward of those who perform acts of kindness. Even though Moses had many names, the only name given to him in the Torah is the one that Batya, the daughter of Pharoh named him. [Translation by Areyvut]
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Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. Why was Moses named by Batya? What act of kindness did she perform for Moses?

2. How does this text represent the relationship between those who perform acts of kindness and those who receive them?

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Time Period: Rabbinic (Maccabees through the Talmud)