Exodus 22:1
1 א
שמות פרק כב
(א) אִם בַּמַּחְתֶּרֶת יִמָּצֵא הַגַּנָּב וְהֻכָּה וָמֵת אֵין לוֹ דָּמִים:
If the thief is seized while tunneling (i.e. breaking into one’s home), and is beaten to death, there is no bloodguilt (on the homeowner) in this case. [JPS translation Edited for gender neutrality]
3 ג

Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. If the owner of a home kills an intruder, why isn’t the homeowner guilty? Are there situations in which the homeowner would be guilty?

2. What does this text teach us about the individual’s right to self-protection? What are the limits?

4 ד
Time Period: Biblical (early ancestors to 165 BCE)