Abraham son of the Rambam, The Guide to Serving God, Chapter 5, A
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אברהם בן הרמבם, המספיק לעובדי השם, פרק ה, א .
הנדיבות היא בטוי לענקת רוב טובה למי שאין לו תביעה וחיוב על המעניק. כי לתת לפועל את שכרו ולפרוע לבעל חוב את חובו אין זו נדיבות אלא צדק ויושר, ואלו צדקה לעניים והכנסת אורחים ומתנות וכדומה, הריהם בגדר נדיבות.
Generosity is the bestowal of good upon one who has no claim or entitlement to it. To pay a worker their wages or a creditor their debt is not generosity, but fairness and justice. However, giving charity to the poor, bringing guests into the home, and bestowing gifts are acts of generosity. [Translation by R. Yaakov Wincelberg, edited for gender neutrality. Translated from Judeo-Arabic]
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Suggested Discussion Questions:

1. Do you agree that giving charity to the poor is an act of generosity? Should it be compared to having guests and giving gifts?

2. Do you think that the poor have a "claim or entitlement" to charity?

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Time Period: Medieval (Geonim through the 16th Century)