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Simanim of Rosh HaShana
Do the simanim of Rosh HaSHana possess a magical power? Do you have to eat apples and honey to have a sweet year? And what if you slept on Rosh HaShana, are you doomed? The answer to all of the above is no. This article explains why. You will also find here the Seder of Rosh HaShana
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Using Autonomous Cars on Shabbat
Using autonomous cars ion Shabbat cannot be automatically labeled as forbidden. This article also shows that there is no inherent problem in using voice recognition and voice activated devices on Shabbat.
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Akedah - Torn Between Emotion and Devotion
A poem in the Sephardic Rosh HaHshanah liturgy offers a revolutionary view of the Akedah, which is in line with Sephardic theology which tended to reject martyrdom.
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Agunah - There is an [Easy] Solution
The issue of Agunah, a woman whos husband denies her a Jewish divorce, is perhaps the greatest halakhic problem of our generation. My argument here is that it could be easily solved if only the religious authorities would acknowledge the evidence in classic sources. Of course, they will also to work in unison, educate people, and care about the women.
Haim Ovadia חיים עובדיה1144 ViewsAugust 7, 2022Agunah,Divorce
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Sefirat Ha'Omer - Time for Celebration
This article argues that mourning during Sefirat HaOmer was practiced only sporadically until after the crusades. It was originally a memorial day for the victims of the Bar Kokhva rebellion. Mourning during Sefirat HaOmer contradicts the intention of the Torah and it is time to reclaim the joy of this period.
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פסח בקלי קלות
מדריך לנקיון, הכשר המטבח, עריכת קניות, ועריכת ליל הסדר ללא טרחה מוגזמת כדי שאפשר יהיה ליהנות משמחת הפסח. המדריך גם כולל עצות שימושיות לנוסעים בארץ ובחו"ל
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Electricity on Yom Tov
This article presents the halakhic sources and the historical background of the psak allowing use of electricity on Yom Tov.
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Agunah Solution Source Sheet
Not PublishedHaim Ovadia חיים עובדיה388 ViewsMay 19, 2021
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Select passages from Tur Yoreh Deah 375-385 - Avelut
Haim Ovadia חיים עובדיה1255 ViewsJanuary 31, 2019
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Torah VeAhava Semikha - Avelut
Tannaitic sources on Avelut
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