An exploration of traditional rabbinical Peshat interpretation of the text- Pashtanai ha'Mikrah. Geared towards adult learners without a formal Jewish education. Much of the time based on Primery goal to reveal the depth and richness of the text and of the rabbinic commentaries. At times concluding with a practical lesson in life to be derived from the different approaches in the light of Chabad Chassidus.
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Accepting Criticism
Yoseph Yaffe393 ViewsFeb 12 2020
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In the King's Palace
Yoseph Yaffe338 ViewsApr 29 2019
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Animals and their young
Yoseph Yaffe579 ViewsMay 13 2019
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Yaakov and Yisrael
The difference between Yaakov and Yisrael, for Yaakov our father, the Jewish people as a whole, and for each and every Jew
Yoseph Yaffe3242 ViewsNov 13 2018Yaakov,Yisrael
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G-d Promise & Yaakov's Conditions?
Sicha from rebbe on inner reason why ramban and Rashi differ Working on the different opinions of what it is that HAshem promised and what is it that yaakov asked for and why?
Yoseph Yaffe975 ViewsNov 7 2018
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Sale of the Birthright: A fair deal?
Questions on the morality of the sale: Did Yaakov exploit Esav's vulnerability at a moment when Esav was starving to death? Was Yaakov not guilty of extortion by purchasing the birthright for a meager pot of lentils? What is a birthright? Material or Spiritual? What is Yaakov's & Esau's view of the value  of the birthright Can one sell a birthright? Are there any Biblical parallels to our transfer and transaction? Did Yaakov ever receive the birthright which he purchased?
Yoseph Yaffe3356 ViewsNov 5 2018
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