These sheets represent some of the Sefaria Learning Team's favorite classics on topics that are core to the High Holiday experience. Learn more about a favorite ritual, discover new ones, or find a great activity for kids or families.
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Shofar and Memory- A Conversation Starter
A central mitzvah (commandment) of Rosh Hashanah is the blowing of the shofar. This sheet looks at the connection between the sound of the shofar and memory.
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Apples, Honey, and the Head of a Sheep?
This is a Rosh Hashanah activity geared towards elementary students. It can be adapted for more advanced students by adding additional sources. Learning objectives: Students understand the concept of symbolic foods and can give examples of traditional Rosh Hashanah foods. Students are able to express their own wishes for a new year through writing a food related blessing.
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Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
A lesson plan for middle school/high school students about teshuva. Enduring Understandings: -Everyone has made mistakes, has hurt others, has regrets. -The Ten Days of Repentance are dedicated to repairing the damage caused by our actions. -The Yom Kippur liturgy models the process of asking for forgiveness within a community of people in the same situation. To accommodate time constraints and a variety of ages and backgrounds, the lesson was written in a way that teachers can pick and choose among the texts and videos presented. The lesson can also span more than one class session.
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#ElulZman Repentance
It's that time in the Jewish calendar again when many are thinking about repentance. So what does Judaism have to say about the topic? This sheet provides an introduction to teshuvah (repentance) with a passage from the medieval Torah scholar and philosopher, Rambam (Maimonides).
Sefaria Education1628 ViewsSeptember 10, 2019Repentance,Elul,Teshuvah,Hilchot Teshuva
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Back to the Beginning
On Rosh Hashanah, we celebrate the beginning of the New Year. "Beginnings" aren't reserved for the High Holidays, though. They are ubiquitous throughout the year and Jewish tradition features an array of beginnings. Judaism's texts on "Beginnings" remind us that there is always something for us to begin anew.
Not PublishedSefaria Education912 ViewsJuly 23, 2021Rosh Hashanah,Beginnings,New Year,Beginning
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A Tashlich How-To
A lesson introducing the how's and why's of the Rosh Hashanah Tashlich service.
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Heroes of the High Holidays
A host of biblical heroes make an appearance on the High Holidays in order to accompany us on our spiritual journey. Who are they? What is their connection to the High Holidays? What are their stories and messages? On this sheet, we introduce you to several of the people that you will meet on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.
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Journeying Through the Machzor
The Rosh Hashanah liturgy was written to help us get into the spirit of the day. In this scavenger hunt, we travel through the Rosh Hashanah Machzor (prayer book) discovering the original sources of the text in order to understand the message of the day.
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An Introduction to the High Holy Days
The High Holy Days are the pinnacle of our ritual calendar. Come learn with us as we explore the themes of these holidays and use text to deepen our understanding of the power of these days.
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Who Is In Your Boat?
We are both individuals with needs and wants and part of a greater whole with obligations and responsibilities. Sometimes these are complementary, and sometimes they are in conflict. Using this classic story, we will examine this relationship.
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