Source sheets for four hours of learning, going from Torah to modern times, not completely chronologically
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Rabbis and 6 genders - Pride Torah III
6 genders overview, Sarah as aylonit
Nelly Altenburger763 ViewsMay 26, 2022LGBTQ
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Rabbis, Gays and Lesbians - Pride Torah II
Rabbis and homosexuality
Nelly Altenburger685 ViewsMay 27, 2022
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Soul and Body ~ Pride Torah I
Going from the creation of Adam HaRishon to a survey of Kabbalistic ideas about bodies and souls - the search for Torah that encompasses love and respect for all, moving towards empathy regarding expressions of gender and sexuality in our days
Nelly Altenburger523 ViewsMay 26, 2022
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Living an authentic life: rabbis and transgender ~ Pride Torah IV
Summary of positions of the Tzitz Eliezer regarding post-facto reassignment surgery
Nelly Altenburger662 ViewsMay 29, 2022LGBTQ
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Transgender Jews might not be news ~ Pride Torah V
Two old cases of transgender Jews
Nelly Altenburger637 ViewsMay 29, 2022LGBTQ
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