Some kabbalistic findings in the scriptures for you to think about.
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Bereshit + Zohar
Rabbi Shimeon (Zohar 1a) referred to Song of Songs 2:12 to explain the Hebrew word Bereshit.
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The burial site of Sarah
The burial site of Sarah
Juan María Moreno248 ViewsApril 26, 2023Kabbalah,Chayei Sarah
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Mispar Bone'eh
Mispar Bone'eh system explained.
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A Tree of Life (part 2)
Part 2 of another sheet about the Tree of Life
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The first appearance of the 22 letters
In the Torah, it takes a total of 42 verses for all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet to make their first appearance.
Juan María Moreno239 ViewsApril 29, 2023Kabbalah
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A Tree of Life (Part 1)
Just some thoughts about the numbers and the Tree of Life.
Juan María Moreno655 ViewsApril 17, 2023Kabbalah
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Abundance שפע
Abundance of combinations in Shin Peh Ayin
Juan María Moreno246 ViewsApril 24, 2023Shefa (Kabbalah),Kabbalah
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What Abraham gave to Isaac
What did Abraham give to Isaac?
Juan María Moreno242 ViewsApril 25, 2023Isaac,Kabbalah,Abraham
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Bereshit and Sefer Yetzirah
Correspondence between Bereshit and Sefer Yetzirah
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Place names
Place names from Sefarad
Juan María Moreno278 ViewsApril 20, 2023Sefarad
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The division of hours in 1080 jalekim
Juan María Moreno251 ViewsApril 20, 2023Jalekim,The Tetragrammaton
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Let there be light
The first saying of G·d was a blessing
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The name ההה
The divine name ההה appears in the Binding of Isaac
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Similarities between two different stories
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