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Taanit Esther
An analysis of the history and origins of Taanit Esther
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Sefirat Ha'Omer - Time for Celebration
This article argues that mourning during Sefirat HaOmer was practiced only sporadically until after the crusades. It was originally a memorial day for the victims of the Bar Kokhva rebellion. Mourning during Sefirat HaOmer contradicts the intention of the Torah and it is time to reclaim the joy of this period.
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פסח בקלי קלות
מדריך לנקיון, הכשר המטבח, עריכת קניות, ועריכת ליל הסדר ללא טרחה מוגזמת כדי שאפשר יהיה ליהנות משמחת הפסח. המדריך גם כולל עצות שימושיות לנוסעים בארץ ובחו"ל
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R Akiva and R Yishmael
Some sources which shed light on the differences between the schools of R Akiva of R Yishmael.
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Middot and Analogies
Talmud III - Middot and Analogies
Haim Ovadia חיים עובדיה521 ViewsMarch 9, 2022
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Challenging Rabbinical Decrees
This source sheet follows the evolution of rabbinic decrees. The mandate for those decrees is derived from the verse ושמרתם את משמרתי in Lev. 18. The question is if that is the meaning of the verse or if it was used to support the rabbis' authority. Mishnaic sources brought here point to lack of clarity and contention regarding decrees.
Haim Ovadia חיים עובדיה695 ViewsDecember 13, 2018Decree,Gezera
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Talmud III AJR
Haim Ovadia חיים עובדיה514 ViewsFebruary 7, 2022
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Journey Through Sephardic Literature
This is a reader for a course on Sephardic Rabbinic literature. The reader is divided to four sections: Geonim; Torah Commentary; Poetry; Halakha
Haim Ovadia חיים עובדיה1630 ViewsNovember 27, 2018
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Introduction to Zohar
Not PublishedHaim Ovadia חיים עובדיה370 ViewsJune 9, 2017
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