Genesis 47:22 בראשית מ״ז:כ״ב
1 א

רק אדמת הכהנים. י"מ בשביל פוטיפרע אמרו שהי' כהן און. וי"מ מפני שדנו אותו כשצעקה אשת פוטיפר עליו שבא לאונסה ואמרו אם הקרע הוא לפנים אז הדין עמה שהוא קרעו ואם הוא לאחוריו אז הדין עמו ונמצא לאחוריו. ולא יקשה עליך מה שכתוב כי חוק לכהנים מאת פרעה כי על ידי יוסף הי' להם החוק מפרעה. וי"מ כהנים השרים כמו ובני דוד כהנים היו:

רק אדמת הכהנים, “only the land-holdings of the priests, etc.” Some commentators believe that Joseph favoured the priests because his former master Potiphar was now a priest in the monastery of On. Other commentators attribute Joseph’s showing preference to the priests to the tradition that it had been the priests who had to sit in judgment deciding if the accusation of Potiphar’s wife that Joseph had attempted to rape her was true or not had ruled in Joseph’s favour basing themselves on the manner in which his garments had been torn. Had the tears occurred in the frontal part of the garments this would have been incriminating. The fact that the tears were in the rear indicated to them that Joseph had fled from her and not vice versa. You need not consider the statement in our verse that there was a special law for the priests as contradicting the tradition we just quoted, seeing that this very law had been introduced by Joseph. Some commentators do not understand the word כהנים as referring to a religious order, but as a description of the local aristocracy, whom Joseph exempted from these new laws restricting land ownership to a numerically insignificant number of people.