I first met Rabbi Dr. Klein in 1974 through Beatrice Minden, wife of the late Arthur Minden. Mrs. Minden, wishing to continue her husband’s legacy, decided to sponsor the publication of Dr. Klein’s manuscript of the Hebrew Etymological Dictionary. She arranged for acquisition of the manuscript and its transfer to the University of Haifa for editing and finally publication.

It was thanks to the warm and generous support and sponsorship of Arthur Minden that Dr. Klein was able to devote the last ten years of his life to this monumental work. Arthur Minden also ensured the publication of Dr. Klein’s earlier book, entitled A Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of the English Language.

We are grateful to Beatrice Minden for her perseverance and support of the publication of this work.

Morris A. Gross, Q.C., Donald Carr, Q.C., and Harvey A. Shapiro have all generously given their time and skills in solving the complicated legal aspects of the project.

Most generous and gracious assistance was given by Reverend James A. Lord of Hamilton, Ontario, a dear friend to Dr. Klein.

Professor Aharon Dolgopolsky of the University of Haifa, and then Mr. Dov Benhorin, each undertook the difficult task of editing Dr. Klein’s manuscript.

Eventually it was Mr. Baruch Sarel, prominent editor and translator who most ably adapted the handwritten manuscript, edited it and prepared it for press. Mr. Sarel also added over 2500 entries, mainly newly coined words and some older words which had not appeared in the original manuscript.

Mr. Ariel Vardi, one of Israel’s foremost typographers, designed the book and aided us in solving the many computer related problems inherent in any work combining different languages, particularly in this case where English and Hebrew read in opposite directions.

We are especially grateful to Professor Haim Rabin of the Hebrew University and the Hebrew Language Academy. This eminent philologist gave unstintingly of his time and knowledge and provided the foreword for the book as well.

There are others not mentioned by name to whom we are indebted for their valuable help in all phases of the production of this important reference work.

To all, we express our deep appreciation.

Moshe Konés

Jerusalem, January 1987