Leviticus 23:3 ויקרא כ״ג:ג׳
1 א

בכל מושבתיכם בארצכם וחוץ מארצכם. אחר שהזכיר נדרים ונדבות הזכיר הימים שקביעות קרבנם חובה ואיסור מלאכת הימים.

בכל מושבותיכם, “in all your dwellings.” The Sabbath laws apply regardless of whether you are in the Holy Land or in exile. Up to now the Torah had dealt with different kinds of vows made by people, resulting in those being offered as animal sacrifices on the altar in the Temple. On those days everybody is required to offer sacrifices in the Temple regardless of having vowed to do so or not. It also describes the type of work that must not be performed on these festivals.