Leviticus 11:8 ויקרא י״א:ח׳
1 א

מבשרם לא תאכלו. מן הנהרגים שבכך לא יצאו מכלל נבלה.

, מבשרם לא תאכלו, “you must not eat any of their meat.” This prohibition is applicable regardless of whether the animal in question has died of natural causes or has been slaughtered ritually, something that saves an animal from being labelled as neveilah, cadaver. (compare Ibn Ezra)

2 ב

ובנבלתם. של מתים עצמם.

ובנבלתם לא תגעו, “and you are not to touch their cadavers.”

3 ג

[לא תגעו לאכלו].