Genesis 47:22 בראשית מ״ז:כ״ב
1 א

רק אדמת הכהנים השרים כמו כהן מדין. לא קנה פן יתגרו במלך. ד״‎א לפי שדנוהו לזכות כמו שפי׳‎ למעלה גבי ויתנהו אל בית הסהר.

רק אדמת הכהנים, “only the soil belonging to the priests (Joseph did not transfer to Pharaoh).” They therefore would not have any reason to start a rebellion against Pharaoh. A different reason given for Joseph’s preferential treatment of the priests is as we explained already, that the priests had suggested a method by which to test if Joseph or the wife of Potiphar had spoken the truth, as a result of which, Joseph instead of being hanged had only been put in ;jail.